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Bugera V22 Guitar Amp

Bugera V22 Guitar Amp

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Ideally suited for musicians of all ages, this Bugera V22 Guitar Amplifier expertly conveys tonal style. From smooth harmonic sounds of the blues to metallic overdrives, the Bugera V22 Guitar Amp packs an impressive dose of great sound. Inspired by the original Bugera Vintage V22 of the bygone era of the 1960s, this impressive combo amp design offers a hand-built 22-watt guitar combo and two-channel Vintage V22 Infinium that delivers bass sound designed to please audiophiles everywhere. This modern-day classic is fully loaded with three 12AX7 preamp and two EL84 power tubes to set the stage for unlimited hours of entertainment. Equipped with an output impedance adjustment switch with 4, 8, and 16 ohm options, use an external speaker cabinet of your choice as your sound delivery device. The switch mode delivers great tonal control through an impressive equalizer that operates in two different modes. Instantly shift into Triode mode when you want melodic, warmer sounds or wild out in Pentode mode for a more upbeat and ear-piercing tone. Groove to a fine mix of good music. Bluegrass, country, jazz, heavy metal, and more will sound so sweet. Amplified with first-rate technology, this extraordinary amp uses every ounce of its power to bring sounds to life. Savvy guitarists can expect nothing less from a Bugera V22. The amp’s durable footswitch has enormous flexibility with two individual channels, effects loop, and high-definition reverb that allows you to control tones in mid boost or turn the reverb on or off with ease during a practice or live performance. Surprisingly versatile, the Bugera guitar amps also provide superb sound through the footswitch input and the two-channel (clean and lead) preamp. Front-facing normal and bright inputs for dedicated treble, mid, and bass controls make a huge impact when combined with a great brand of electric guitars. Turn up the master volume control and rock on. When pushed to a maximum level, the tonal quality will blow your mind. Pair up high-tech Infinium tubes with a 1-inch by 12-inch turbosound speaker, and enjoy being in the company of classy powerhouse amps. Comparable to amps from Fender and Peavey, this amp is sure to be the center of attention at a neighborhood bar, cafe, or band rehearsal session in a garage. The Bugera V22 Infinium has natural tube compression for warm distortion and break up, which is often appreciated in amplifiers of this magnitude. When searching for the ultimate tone machine, Bugera V22 guitar amps are the definitive choice. Create the right shopping experience with guitar amplifiers, instrumental gear, and accessories that are well-crafted and offer all-tube combo amplifier designs with rich audio and tone. Take tones to unimaginable levels and order an amp that classically distributes good sound with amazing equalization range. Skillfully crafted with exceptional durability and quality components, the Bugera V22 is built to last. If you’re not accustomed to handling this much power, then brace yourself. Professional musicians take their electronic systems seriously and with this amp, you will, too. Everything a future rock star could ask for is available with the Bugera V22, and it’s ready to set up to use right out of the box.


This item is used but in good working order with only normal signs of wear and tear form previous owner. See photos these are of actual item you will be receiving.


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