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Recessed LED Edge-Lit Green Sign Exit Sign

Recessed LED Edge-Lit Green Sign Exit Sign

Compact and decorative design. Etched, clear acrylic edge lit panel. Letters 6” height with stoke. Steel housing and trim plate.

120/277 VAC dual voltage operation. Low energy consumption-only 3 watts at 120 V. LED indicator light and test switch.

Nickel-Cadmium battery (4.8V 650mA) delivers more than 3 hours capacity to emergency lamps. 24 hours recharge after 90 minutes discharge. Low voltage battery disconnection-Preventing deep discharge damage to the battery.

LEDs mounted on printed circuit board. LED lamps are operational in normal (AC input) and emergency (DC input) modes.

Recessed Ceiling mounting. Adjustable bar hangers adapt housing for mounting in suspended ceiling.

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